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In the last article we looked at some of your formative moments that led you down the path to bad health. Let’s look at a few more you picked up along the way. If you lived with parents who were overweight, it is likely that you also had a minor weight problem. Maintaining a slim figure wasn’t important to the people closest to you, so why should it be a concern of yours? The things that make you fat tastes good and being fat can’t really be all that bad, so as long as you can afford to buy them, you do.

Few parents want to see their children drinking or smoking, but do it themselves. It never dawns on them that their children are going to follow in their footsteps. I remember going to a parent-teacher meeting where the topic was teen drinking. One mother was really jumping on the police officer leading the meeting and telling him it was his responsibility to keep the teens from drinking. I knew she frequently hosted parties for her friends and alcohol flowed freely, so I told her if she wanted her children to avoid alcohol, she should stop serving it at her parties. She jumped on me like a mad wild cat saying I had no business telling her how to run her life.

You are also influenced by our friends or associates. When you were a child, peer pressure was great. Sneaking a smoke or a beer or worse, was a challenge. And how many times did a friend “dare” you to do something? I remember taking some dares that almost cost me my life.

Admittedly, the dares I took were stupid. Unfortunately young people are prone to do such things all though they know better. You might get hurt, but young people are invincible. They can not possibly get hurt. Some people get cancer from tobacco products, but not me. My genetic structure is powerful. My granddad smoked all his life and lived to a ripe old age. Some people get cancer from eating too much sugar or being too fat, but not me. Remember, I am invincible!

The same is true with your health. The information you need to stay healthy is all around you. It is on TV, in the newspapers and all over the internet. Unfortunately a lot of that information is wrong and you know it, so you lump the good with the bad and just do your own thing. Then one day your doctor tells you the bad news about your disease. You wish you had taken better care of your body but now it’s too late. You are doomed to die young or use a powerful drug for the rest of your life.

There is a better answer. Powerful natural products exist which can turn your life around as they turned my life around. Watch for the next article which will provide some answers you need.

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The Better Answer to Poor Health – A Review, Part 3 health news review

Now that your doctor has given you the bad news that you have ruined your health, you have some choices to make. Your doctor has been educated in a system that depends on products from the pharmaceutical houses of the world. Few doctors know enough about what Modern Breakthrough Nutrition Secrets can do for you. If they cannot find it in their pharmacopeia, they cannot recommend it.

Pycnogenol is not in dictionaries so is a new word to seven out of ten doctors. The fact that people who use that product properly have all kinds of health benefits has never been presented to them in a way for them to give any credibility to anything you may say about it. They are familiar with free radicals and antioxidants, but mainly from the same sources you used. The fact that pycnogenol is the strongest antioxidant in the plant world is unknown to them. The enhanced version I use would be even further from their knowledge bank.

I have used this product for 15 years and went from a person whose health had failed to one who has no medical problems whatsoever and uses no drugs or prescriptions – over-the-counter or otherwise. Everyone who has followed my suggestions about using the enhanced pycnogenol product and the other nutrients I use and suggest they use, has seen great improvement in their health regardless of their health problem.

Now how can a product that helps a person with AD/HD also help a person with heart problems or with diabetes, etc. Believe it or not, most disease has a basis in some missing or inadequate nutrient intake. Meet that need and whatever the problem is, the body can use that tool to repair itself up to a point.

Pycnogenol is not a miracle nutrient nor is it complete in itself. It is the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world. You also need quality natural vitamins and minerals in a large enough quantity to make a difference. The basic food supplements most people need are: a strong antioxidant, purified fish oil, a good natural mega vitamin/mineral supplement with lots of extra vitamin D, folic acid, B6 and B12. It also goes without saying that if you have bad health, you should take a close look at the daily foods you eat. You may need to drastically change your eating habits.

The Better Answer to Poor Health – A Review, Part 3